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Knowledge Management

The project website and the landing page under FAO corporate websites are developed to support the project communications strategy, which builds up strong awareness among various stakeholders of the project and enables public access to the knowledge and information in the fisheries sector. The project website is one of the main communications channels to inform the project activities and achievements to the target audiences including government officials, private sector and partners’ organizations, communities, media, general public and other stakeholders. The main activities of the project, and the resources and publications are updated in the project website.

The peer – to – peer platform is initiated by mobile application development, which is designed to facilitate sharing of good practices, lessons learnt and knowledge management. The knowledge and information related to legal policy framework, fisheries, aquaculture, climate monitoring system, early warning early action, gender and capacity development (training) materials will be provided through this mobile application. It will also allow the users of the mobile application i.e. the stakeholders at all levels to share the knowledge they gained from FishAdapt Project and to discuss about the challenges they (might) have faced in their communities that are related to climate change to fisheries and aquaculture sector, and including other cross – cutting areas.