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Village Profiling and characterization workshops were carried out in order to gather baseline information that serves as inputs to the strategic plans of the project, providing village profile data and aquaculture assessment information to the Department of Fisheries for the development and improvement of the sector. This activity is mainly conducted with the KOBO Mobile Application and received the accurate village level demographic information and aquaculture sector information for project scaling – up planning.

A comprehensive Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning plan has been developed, that guides for the implementation of the project. An electronic information gathering, and real time analysis system has been constructed, based on KOBO application (UN recommended open source technology), and SMART indicators are developed for each activity stream as the individual project activities are identified and implemented. Indicators corresponding to ongoing activities are already identified and fully operational. This will provide data analysed in real time on project activities, which will ensure quality control and facilitate management decision - making based on evidence generated from the field.

The basic monitoring and evaluation training integrated with EAFM – EAAM refresher training are conducted at regional level for implementation units.